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Four Foods For A Metabolic Boost

There are many different ways to boost your metabolism, from drinking a glass of water before each meal to eating more meals with a smaller portion size. But did you know there are certain foods that you can incorporate into your diet which may help to speed your metabolism in a healthy, natural way?

Tumeric is an Indian super-herb which has a list of medicinal qualities, one of which is to boost your metabolism. According to an article titled “Turmeric – A ‘Superfood Secret’ For Healthy Fat Loss” published by Natural Society, “More than 13 peer-reviewed studies have found that turmeric intake is directly associated with increased healthy fat loss and decreased insulin issues. What’s more, the spice does not come with the harsh side effects that come along with the use of historically-dangerous diet drugs.”

There are so many reasons to incorporate turmerci into your diet!

Another amazing food for a metabolic boost is bone broth. Are you surprised? I was too! I hadn’t heard of this healthy little meal-staple until very recently from a friend who makes it for her kids regularly because it is high in protein, essential minerals, and collagen. This sparked my interest, and prompted me to do some research on bone broth.

According to an article titled “21 Foods That Increase Metabolism (You’ll Love #7)” published by Organic Authority, Sara Vance, C.N., nutritionist and author of “The Perfect Metabolism Plan” says, “Collagen supports the mucosal barrier in the gut, which means it is useful for supporting healthy/strong digestion and assimilation of nutrients – which is critical for a strong metabolism.”

The last, and least surprising food (in my opinion) to start consuming more of for faster metabolism is green tea. I have heard of many green tea supplements that are natural and effective, and most people are aware of its metabolic boosting super-powers. An article titled “Nine Foods That Increase Metabolism” by FitDay says , “The caffeine found in green tea accelerates your heart rate and speeds up your metabolism. The tea also contains a chemical, known as EGCG, that stimulates the nervous system and helps you to burn calories at a faster rate.”



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